July 11th- 15th, 2022. Royton Sapporo, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Preparing your paper/poster presentation

IEEE/ASME International Conference on Advanced Intelligent Mechatronics (AIM 2022) will be held in hybrid style (virtual/in-person). The following is the instruction for preparing presentations.

A. Presenting your paper in standard technical sessions

(Contributed/Invited session papers, TMech/AIM Concurrent papers, or TMech Presentation only paper. Each paper is allocated for 15 minutes)

1. You can present your work by sharing your screen and presentation in Zoom during your scheduled date and time. If you are an in-person presenter, your presentation at the conference venue will be streamed via Zoom. For each paper, your presentation should be NO longer than 12 minutes. After your presentation, you will have 3 minutes for Q&A. The Session Chair/Co-Chair (and Zoom session host) will coordinate the presentation order according to the schedule in the program. Please prepare your presentation the usual way using MS PowerPoint software or similar.

2. You need to upload your pre-recorded presentation video for a backup in case of poor internet connection. It will be also available to conference attendees during and also for a limited period of time after the conference. You can upload a video of your presentation by June 16, 2022, through papercept. Please note that the file must be a video file in mp4 format (more details below). Do not try to upload PowerPoint or PDF files.

3. The Zoom session host will download and play your presentation during your scheduled presentation date in case of technical difficulties that make it impossible for you to present your paper live. After your real-time presentation or otherwise video presentation, the Session Chair/Co-Chair will open the floor for 3 minutes for you to take and answer questions. You need to be in Zoom even if your video is used for presentation.

If a paper is not presented, it causes severe disruption to the session. Please note that in case a paper is identified as a “NO SHOW” at the conference, we have to remove it from the list of papers delivered to IEEE Xplore.

B. Presenting your Late-Breaking Results Poster

1. Please upload a PDF file of your poster to papercept by June 16, 2022. Your poster will be visible for attendees in a poster room through oVice, a virtual spatial platform. In case you are not familiar with it, you can try the demo from the link to oVice.

2. We will send you the URL of oVice space for AIM2022 just before the conference to the email address. During the date and time of your poster presentation, please join the oVice poster room 15 minutes before your poster presentation. We suggest to spend the 15 minutes to get used to the system. You as a poster presenter will be standing in front of your poster and presenting.

3. Screens for poster presentation will be prepared at the conference site. The size of the screen is W900mm x H2100mm / per 1poster. In addition to the virtual presentation in oVice, all the poster presenters can paste their posters and make in-person presentations during 18:00-18:50 on Tuesday July 12th, before the 25-Anniversary Event.

How to Prepare Your Video Presentation for Upload:

(for Contributed/Invited Session papers, TMech/AIM Concurrent paper, or TMech Presentation:12-minute max. video presentation)

1. Please use the following guidelines to prepare your video:

Duration:Max. 12 minutes
File size limit:80MB file
File format:mp4
Minimum height: 480 pixels
Aspect ratio: 16:9

2. The corresponding author will receive a link via email to the submission page where he/she can upload the video. Alternatively, the corresponding author can login to his/her workspace and follow the link to upload (or re-upload) video presentation file until the deadline.

3. You are also kindly required to submit a release form with your video (signed copy in PDF or JPG), as it is not covered by the original copyright transfer. The deadline for the submission is June 16, 2022.

4. While we are unable to provide individualized technical support to help you create your video, Zoom is a possible approach to record your presentation. The free plan of Zoom lets you record a compatible video from content displayed on your computer screen and voice recorded via the computer microphone (how recording a Zoom meeting).

5. Please note the above specifications will be checked at the time of submission and files not meeting them will be prevented from being uploaded.

6. Except for the above duration and digital constraints, the form of the presentation is left free (though please be sure the video includes the number and title of the paper, the authors, and a reference to AIM 2022, so that it is easy for the session organizers to identify the video).

7. Please start early: given that the resulting video files will be very large, they might need a long time to transfer.

Recording with Zoom:

1. Make a free Zoom account on the website: Or sign in if you already have an account.

2. Start a Zoom meeting: ‘HOST A MEETING’ with video on. Use Zoom Client by ‘Download and run Zoom’. Join with computer audio.

3. Open your powerpoint in presentation view.

4. Start the recording: You find this under the ‘MORE’ button. (If you are asked, choose: Recording to this computer.)

5. You can switch between video and powerpoint with the ‘SHARE SCREEN’ button.

6. When finished you stop the recording via the ‘STOP RECORDING’ button.

7. Then choose ‘END’ and ‘end the meeting for all’. Your recording will be converted automatically and the screen will show where the file will be saved.

We appreciate your kind cooperation for making AIM 2022 a successful conference despite the challenges you may be facing under the current events. We look forward to your attendance at AIM 2022.